Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have insurance?

Yes! We have a Public Liability Insurance that can be sent upon request.

2. What are your castle and delivery prices?

Our standard castles range between $230-$250.
Our combo castles range between $300-$350.
Our obstacle and slide castles range between $450-$650.
Our interactive castles range between $150-$450.
Our Under 5’s castles range between $220-$430.
Each individual castle prices can be found on our Our Castles page, under each castle.

If you are within the Macarthur Region then delivery is free! Please note that there may be a delivery fee charged for all bookings without a castle.
If you are located outside of the Macarthur Region then delivery fees will apply.
If you have any questions about our delivery fees, please call one of our friendly staff on 0416 129 921 and we’ll be happy to help.

3. How many children are allowed in the castle at one time?

Our standard castles are designed for children aged between 5-12 years old. We would recommend between 6 to 8 children at any one time.

Our combo castles are designed for children aged between 5-15 years old. We would recommend between 6-10 children at any one time.

Our obstacle and slide castles are designed for children aged between 6-18 years old. For our obstacle courses we highly recommend that no more than 3 people go in at any time to complete the obstacle course. For our slides, we highly recommend no more than 2 people go down the side together (responsibly) at any one time.

Our interactive ball castles are designed for everyone! Our gladiator and boxing duel castles are recommended for people aged 16 and older. We highly recommend only 2 people duel at any one time.

Our Under 5’s castles are specifically designed for children aged 5 and under. We would recommend between 5 to 10 children at any one time.

4. How is payment made, and when?

Payment can be made by cash on the day of delivery, alternatively you can also pay by card prior to delivery. You will have an option when you book your castle online. Please note that we do not offer refunds, if you do need to cancel once payment has been made you will instead have a 12 month credit with us which you can use at any time. Please note that a deposit will be required for all bookings over $500 and a bond of $1000 is required for our Gladiator and Boxing Ring interactives (applies overnight hires only)

5. What are your wet or dangerous weather procedures?

The safety of our customers is our utmost priority! While the weather is out of our control, please be assured that we monitor it closely and will make every effort to honor your booking. If we have large amounts of rain leading up to your booking, it may be unsafe to deliver and set up the castle as our steel pegs may not be secured in a soft ground. If it does start to rain once the castle has been dropped off, you can still keep it up. However, if it starts to storm (thunder and lightning) or winds become strong you will need to turn the castle off at the source of power to eliminate the risk of injury. Once the storm has passed or the winds have settled only then can you turn the power back on.

6. Cancellation Policy

If you do need to cancel your booking, please do so before 7am the day of your booking. Please note that we may also have to cancel your booking if deemed unsafe due to weather and external conditions. Our team will make contact with you a minimum 12 hours prior to your booking if this is the case and will work with you to ensure we reschedule your booking.

We deliver between 8am-10am and pick up between 4pm-6pm.
Delivery and pick up times are subject to change.

0416 129921

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