Important Rules for the Designated Supervisor of the Inflatables

The supervisor is responsible for the safe operation, and for controlling the children on the inflatable. The supervisor MUST have a clear view at all times, and MUST NOT leave the inflatable unattended.

During the hire period, the supervisor must:

  • Check wind speed. It is illegal to operate an inflatable when wind speed at the site exceeds 45km/h. At this speed, large tree branches are in motion, whistling is heard in overhead wires, and umbrellas are difficult to use. (This is unlikely to be a problem in sheltered backyards, except in extreme weather). If the site is exposed and wind increases to 45km/h, the supervisor must remove the children from the inflatable. It may be necessary to deflate the inflatable by turning off the power.
  • Periodically check that he pegs are secure in the ground and that the fan is still securely attached to the inflatable, and there are no obstructions to the air inlet on the fan (such as paper leaves etc). The supervisor should ensure that the inflatable is not rubbing against any object, such as a wall, branch or post. Under no circumstances shall the hirer move the inflatable.
  • Report any accident that requires medical attention, or any incident, loss or damage to equipment.
  • Permit children to a maximum age of 8 years. With special care the supervisor may allow a limited number (eg 2 or 3) of 9 or 10 year olds, provided younger children are removed first.
  • Prevent entry of adults, regardless of circumstances. Any damage caused by adults entering the inflatable will be charged to the hirer.
  • Grade children by age and size, and give each group turns. Do not mix these groups.
  • Allow a maximum of 6 large (eg 8 year olds) or 8 small children on the inflatable at any one time.
  • Discourage children from playing on the step. Children should not sit and slide off the step when exiting the castle, and they should not be allowed to jump off.
  • Prevent children from climbing, sitting or standing on the walls of the inflatable.
  • Prevent rough play, tackling or fighting. Somersaults may be allowed at the discretion of the supervisor, if he or she considers it safe with the particular circumstances.
  • Prevent children from wearing shoes on the inflatable. Shoes can injure other children, and can cause permanent marking on the vinyl.
  • Prevent sharp objects such as toys, glasses, pens etc from entering the inflatable.
  • Prevent pets on the inflatable. Sharp claws can cause permanent damage.
  • Prevent sand, or water from hoses or buckets on the inflatable. If the castle is deliberately wet or left sandy, a cleaning fee will apply.
  • Prevent streamers, confetti, party poppers, or silly string on the inflatable. The dyes can cause permanent damage, particularly in wet weather. In the event of damage, the damage bill payable by the hirer may exceed $1000.00.
  • Prevent access to the electric fans or leads.
  • Prevent, under any circumstances, the repeated switching on and off of the fan. This will cause damage to the motor, which will terminate the hire and result in a bill of $700.00.
  • If power supply to the fan is interrupted for any reason, remove the children from the inflatable immediately. DO NOT allow the children to jump on an inflatable that is not fully inflated. When power supply is restored, the inflatable should fully inflate within one minute. If this does not, turn the fan off, leave it to cool down a minimum of 10 minutes, then turn the power back on. If the inflatable does not fully inflate in one minute, switch the fan off and call the owner.
  • In the event of rain, do not switch the fan off. This will allow water to get inside the inflatable.
  • On slides, ensure that children slide down feet first (not head first) and that they sit and slide from the top.

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